Archways Healing College Staff Bios


About Us:

A dedicated group of people bringing the best in training; we have been teaching massage and reflexology curriculum since 1988.

Along wtih teaching students good curriculum; we also give students direction on how to set up a therapy business. Our aim is that a student would have a job position or have created a full time business as soon as possible after passing the program and receiving a Diploma/ Certificate.

While students learn the hard facts of anatomy and techniques, our believe is that students should also find school pleasant and fun. We think teaching techniques to involve the body’s senses of see, hear, do are better ways to keep Archways' curriculum locked in the students' brain. We also believe ‘student-friendly exams’ reduce stress and helps with the learning and retention process thereby creating knowledgeable therapists.      



Featured Instructor:

Students say Sherry is the most Incredible Massage Instructor

Sherry makes anatomy classes fun and easy to understand. Her compassion for her students is very much appreciated.

Having won two international awards for her remedial exercise videos, she travels Canada and the United States as a key note speaker at various conferences.

Sherry authored the Life Anatomy Book, which is used at Archways Healing College.

Doctors have called the Life Anatomy Book one of the friendliest anatomy books to read.

Sherry holds a Degree in Kinesiology, a diploma in massage therapy and has been teaching massage therapy for more than twenty years.

We are located in Edmonton Alberta Canada  780.425.7770