Massage Therapy Training in Edmonton

Students Enjoy the Teaching Methods at Archways Healing College

Training at Archways Healing College is three-dimensional teaching for active hands-on learning. The lessons are provided in an easy and fun format for a learning experience that is both effective and enjoyable for students. Archways Healing College is working with the Alberta government to have the 2200 hour Advanced Therapeutic Massage program formally licensed, and designated for government student loans in order to support students with their career investment. Archways is supporting 2200 hour students by doing this, as students will be able to apply for government student loans, grants, and/or scholarships in the next intake.

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Reflexology Courses; Putting the Power of Healing in your Hands

Archways Healing College's reflexology courses provide students with an understanding of the origins of reflexology and methods of assessing a client's needs; along with an easy approach to understanding where all those reflexes go and student friendly exams!

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Latest Healing News

Archways Healing College is making changes to support students pursue their dreams. The 2200 hour Advanced Therapeutic Massage therapy program will commence in 2017, with more financial support available for students who have difficulty finding the resources to pay tuition. Students can be confident that Archways will operate according to the same principles on which the school was founded: student-centered teaching techniques that create an enjoyable learning environment, with high-quality content that fosters competency in therapy practice.

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