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Archways Massage Therapy College

Massage Therapy School

Training at Archways Healing College is three-dimensional teaching for active hands-on learning. The lessons are provided in an easy and fun format for a learning experience that is both effective and enjoyable for students.

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A School for Teaching Hands to Heal

Archways Healing College's reflexology courses provide students with an understanding of the origins of reflexology and methods of assessing a client's needs. Archways School combines an easy approach to understanding where all those reflexes go with student friendly exams!

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Massage Therapy Health Tips

Want something to beat those winter blues? Nothing says comfort food like a hot nutritious bowl of yam soup on a cold dreary day! Yams are not only delicious, they’re chockfull of essential nutrients to keep your immune system in top shape during the season. A good source of Vitamin C, they help fight colds and flu and promote a strong immune system. They also contain Vitamin A to support healthy bone development and B vitamins to reduce stress. And although they are considered a starch, they are a low glycemic complex carbohydrate which allows for a slow uptake to maintain balanced blood sugar levels. Traditional Chinese Medicine claim that yams nourish the spleen, tonify the kidneys, promote good digestion and overall longevity. Yam is a perfect winter food, keeping you warm and grounded. Enjoy this delicious yam soup recipe. It’s a winner that might just earn you some brownie points with your loved ones.

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