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Advanced Therapeutic Massage - 2200 Hour

Alberta Massage Diploma Program

Archways students learn massage therapy and reflexologyArchways Healing College offers the student a wide variety of subjects which meets all requirements in the field of massage therapy in Alberta.

Students retain the information taught in massage therapy classes more easily by experiencing three-dimensional learning methods implemented in the massage classes at Archways Healing College.

Students are encouraged throughout the program to utilize concepts of see, hear and do for active, hands-on learning and memory retention. Lessons are taught in an easy-to-absorb manner and discussion between students and instructors fosters in-depth learning.

Upon completion of this program, students will have a functional understanding of anatomy and be able to apply this knowledge to give appropriate exercises and other home care solutions to clients/ patients.

Students gain the understanding of how to create a safe and effective massage utilizing training in pathologies and other core subjects.

Archways Healing College's 2200 hour Advanced Therapeutic Massage career training is an intensive program consisting of classes, practicum and assignments.


We maintain growing with industry standards.


We teach compulsory massage competencies and are licensed  as a post secondary educational institution. 


Advanced Therapeutic Massage - 2200 hour

Massage Therapy Career Training:

Helping to build your future, the focus of the massage training at Archways Healing College is helping the student to recognize and develop a well rounded treatment plan by implementing the stages and principles of massage therapy. The student learns how to maintain safe and effective massage treatments and along with proper body mechanics, to do massage therapy for a life time.

Student’s utilize and apply various styles of massage techniques to treatment planning such as trigger point work and passive/active engagements. The student recognizes and employs massage principles such as muscle function, how to stretch and strengthen muscles and implements remedial exercises to create a safe and effective treatment for patients / clients.

Archways Heaing College's 2200 hour Advanced Therapeutic Massage training includes:

Theory, lab, anatomic planes, positions & directions, anatomy, kinesiology, muscles, joints, bones, palpation, conditions & pathology (pelvic tilts, high blood pressure, M.S., rheumatoid arthritis, acne, diabetes, swelling etc), bacteriology, hygiene, contraindications, assessment, remedial exercise, lines of movement, constructive rest, nutrition, biofeedback, body systems (nerves, endocrine, circulatory etc), ergonomics, scope of practice, technique for high blood pressure, Swedish massage techniques, trigger points, introduction to therapeutic techniques, record keeping, practical, practicum, specialty massage (maternity massage, chair massage, face massage, foot massage reflexology,  two point massage, two therapist massage,  supine massage), therapist self care massage, draping client, equipment and safety, assignments, exams


Related skills - also called the ‘Business and Ethics’ course: Students are involved in discussion and other learning methods to gain perspective with subjects of communication, client comfort, customer relations, energy transferences, and business skills. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have strong insight into the skills engaged in a Massage Therapy Practice and how to manage types of relationships encountered in the workplace.

Therapist Self Care:

The importance of self care for the student therapist is emphasized in the Archways’ massage training program. Students are taught what is therapist self care, when and why it is necessary and how to do it.

The implications for therapists self care are vast, encompassing the student’s entire lifestyle with strong attention placed on graduation; therapists who maintain a natural balance in the workplace are more sought after.

Experiencing self care techniques during class such as Poultice-Thai-Stem is one of many highlights in the 2200 hour Advanced Therapeutic Massage training program at Archways Healing College.


Archways Healing College students enjoy hands on learning in Edmonton.

Massage Therapy...

An enjoyable career that provides healing value to your family, friends and community.


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