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Holistic Courses of Interest

Holistic Practitioners and Massage Therapists


An Edmonton massage therapy instructor explains tips and techniquesTechniques and Trigger Points

Keep your clients coming back! Add more 'tools' in your holistic 'tool box'. Learn soothing and effective technique that clients love and gentle ways of doing Trigger Points.

Trigger points, commonly known as muscle knots, are small patches of tightly contracted muscle; isolated spasms affecting small patches of muscle tissue rather than whole muscle spasms, such as with a ‘Charlie-horse’ or muscle cramp. (Source: Paul Ingraham and Tim Taylor, MD;

Techniques and Trigger Points is a great adjunct course for those interested in the holistic modalities.


Anatomy in Action 

This is an easy to understand course all about muscles and movement.

Massage Therapists, brush up on topics such as concentric, eccentric, planes and axes, how to strenthen and stretch muscles, muscle functions and more.

Holistic Practitioners, if you think you might be interested to take massage therapy classes, this Anatomy in Action course will give you a good indication.



Related Skills

The Related Skills course curriculum consists of subjects to assist you with your therapy career.  This course may be taken individually, but is included in the advanced therapeutic massage 2200 hour program.

Learn all about Related Skills:

  • Explore Business Plans
  • Apply Business Ethics
  • Implement Communication - The Soft Skills
  • Create Policies
  • Stay Legal
  • Recognize and apply Clinical Ethics
  • Become effective with Transference and Counter Transference
  • Discuss Personal Growth (as it applies to business)
  • Discuss and apply Personal Ethics (as it applies to business)

Therapeutic Hand Reflexology                                                                                                  

Student gains a full understanding of the standard methods of hand Reflexology, learning all reflexes and techniques.

A comprehensive course. Apply healing hand reflexes anywhere, at anytime!                                          




Face and Ear Reflexology

Recognize which functions of the body are associated with which reflexes of the face, ears, scalp, head, neck and arms and how to keep them in top working order.

A very soothing practice with wondrous healing properties brought to the body. Students report that this course not only creates health benefits throughout his/her body but a more youthful appearance to his/her face!



Tutoring is available in 3-hour time blocks to assist a student with any class, module or program that Archways Healing College offers.