Archways Healing College
Archways Healing College
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Archways Healing College in Edmonton


Archways Healing College has been successfully preparing students for careers in Massage Therapy and Reflexology for more than 25 years.

Archways Healing College prepares students for success and provides them with solid grounding in proper discipline and techniques, as well as giving them a good foundation to build on when they establish their own Massage Therapy and Reflexology practices.

Archways has a reputation for quality instructors. We make anatomy and other core subjects easy to understand.

Helpful staff and student-friendly courses and exams; a student friendly approach attitude in our facilities causes less stress and anxiety during practicum and exams. Students are able to retain information better.

Located in Edmonton Alberta Canada  

Archways offers hands on therapeutic massage training in Alberta

Archways massage school offers both theory and practical training in Reflexology and Massage Therapies