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Reflexology Diploma

Our reflexology courses and related skills classes lead to a Reflexology Diploma 

Take our amazing Archways Healing College reflexology courses to get a Diploma of Advanced Reflexology. Learn reflexology of the hands, ears, face and feet using Egyptian and the Standard systems of healing. Take your time to get a Diploma or go for it all at once! A diploma program has never been so easy; pay as you go, enrol course by course is easy financing!

Archways' Medicinal Therapeutic Foot Reflexology and the Egyptian Hand & Foot Reflexology programs are career based programs. Be a natural healer, start doing what you love, helping your friends, family and branching out to help your community. Learn face lifting reflexology as a personal interest, for continuing education or add to your existing practice. Take the reflexology courses and the related skills classes and get a Reflexology Diploma.

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